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Our mission is to provide resources for businesses to succeed in and around Douglas, Arizona.

4 Seasons Furniture
Joey Barreras
937 G Ave
Douglas, AZ 85607
Advanced Call Center Technologies

Osmar Ortega

1701 E 10th St.

Douglas, AZ 85607

Phone: 520.417.7900

E-mail: oortega@acttoday.com

Website: www.acttoday.com


AE Memorials and Headstones

Alex Espinosa

1094 W Highway 92

Bisbee, AZ 85603

Phone: 520.364.3528

E-mail: alexespinosafuneralhome@gmail.con

Website: www.aememorials.com


American Cancer Society's Heritage
Relay for Life of Douglas
Cornelia Munoz

Douglas, AZ  85607

Email: DouglasRFL@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.relayforlife.org/douglasaz


American Southwest Credit Union

Maria Montano 

1919 E 10th St

Douglas, AZ 85607

Phone: 520.452.3114

E-mail: mmontano@ascu.org

Website: www.ascu.org


Arizona Workforce Connection
One Stop Career Centers

Angelica Hernandez

515 E. 7th St

Douglas, AZ  85607

Phone: 520.458.9309

E-mail: ahernandez@cpic-cas.org

Website: www.seazworkforce.org/jobs.html


Aqua Life

1433 N G Ave

Douglas, AZ 85607

Phone: (520)249-5212



Bauer Consulting
Success Through Planning & Organization

DeNise Cooke Bauer

7372 N Papago Rd 

Douglas, AZ 85607

Phone: 520.508.5339

E-mail: dcbauer09@gmail.com


Brown Page Mortuary

David Escarcega

P.O. Box 1135

Douglas, AZ  85607

Phone: 520.364.3434

E-mail: brownpage@theriver.com


Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Inc. 

Sarah Pacheco

Public Relations & Media Specialist

155 Calle Portal Suite 100

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Phone: 520.459.3012

Ext: 7525

E-mail: spacheco@cchci.org

Website: www.cchci.org


City of Douglas  

Embracing our Heritage, Advancing our Future

425 E 10th St.

Douglas, AZ 85607

Phone: 520.417.7300

Website: www.douglasaz.org


Edward Jones
Vicky A. Merritt

N. 1116 G Ave

Douglas, AZ  85607

Phone: 520.364.1330

Website: www.edwardjones.com/financial-advisor


Alex Espinosa Jr.

455 11th St.

Douglas, AZ  85607

Phone: 520.429.6267

Email: alexspifix44@gmail.com


Everett J. Jones Real Estate

Belen Durazo

948 F Avenue

Douglas, AZ  85607

Phone: 520.364.8497

E-mail: Belen@DouglasAZRealEstate.com

Website: DouglasAZRealEstate.com

Gadsden Hotel

Florencio & Anel Lopez

1046 G Ave

Douglas, AZ 856O7

Phone: 520.364.4481

Galiano's café & smoothies

Robert Uribe 

1113 G Ave 

Douglas, AZ 85607

Phone: 520.805.0122

E-mail: galianoscafe@gmail.com

Website: www.galianoscafe.com

Gomez Clinic 

Kristine L. Gomez

720 11th St

Douglas, AZ 85607

Phone: 520.805.0122

E-mail: info@gomezclinic.com

Website: www.gomezclinic.com

Haven Health of Douglas 

The provider of choice for Skilled Rehabilitation and Long Term Care
Leilani Eichman

1400 N. San Antonio Ave    

Douglas, AZ  85607

Phone: 520-364-7937

E-mail: leichman@havenhg.com

Website: www.havenhg.com

Just Coffee Inc
Faith F. Collins

Phone: 520.364.7671

Website: www.justcoffee.org

MG Patience CPA 

Tax & Accounting

Monika Patience

1326 W HWY 92   

Bisbee, AZ  85603

Phone: 520.432.3530 

Cell: 520.234.8343

Fax: 480.248.2776

E-mail: mjpatience@aol.com

Website: www.mpatiencecpa.com

Legal Shield
Carolyn Weaver

2160 Fry Blvd SteC5 #282

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Phone: 520.227.9927

E-mail: accesslawyers@gmail.com

Website: www.thesmallbizlady.com

Ortiz Double H Building Materials

Brenda Ortiz

206 E 3rd St.

Douglas, AZ 85607

Phone: 520.364.5165

E-mail: ortizbc22@yahoo.com

Ovando's One Stop Plaza
Claudia Gomez Ovando

88 E 16th St.

Douglas, AZ  85607

Phone: 520.227.4908

Email: yaya1973@hotmail.com

Romantic Realities

Irene Robles

535 E 10th St

Douglas, AZ 85607

Phone: 520.364.9099

E-mail: romaticrealities@hotmail.com

Slaughter Ranch Historical Museum of the Southwest

6153 Geronimo Trail

Douglas, AZ 85607

Phone: 520.678.7935

E-mail: slaughterranch.mail@gmail.com

Website: www.slaughterranch.com

SWC  Interiors
Susan Kramer

1129 N G Ave

Douglas, AZ  85607

Phone: 520.508.1771

E-mail: krambuns@msn.com

Tata Ruben's Kettle Corn
Ruben Fierros 

Douglas, AZ  85607

Phone: 520.471.1788

E-mail: ruben.armyretired@gmail.com

William Comb Real Estate Investment
William Comb

Douglas, AZ  85607

Phone: 520.36.1361

E-mail: bilco341@netzero.net



GDCOC Meeting Dates

Thursday, December 1 - 12:00 p.m. - Mexican Consulate

Thursday, January 5 - 12:00 p.m. - Mexican Consulate

Thursday, February 2 - 12:00 p.m. - Mexican Consulate

Thursday, March 2 - 12:00 p.m. - Mexican Consulate

Thursday, April 6 - 12:00 p.m. - Mexican Consulate

Agenda: April 6 , 2017

GDCOC News Articles

Courtesy of Douglas Dispatch


M Jenea Sanchez  Geovanna Terry  Robert Uribe

                     Artist/Teacher/Nominee     2016 Miss Douglas Day     City of Douglas Mayor/Nominee 

Dear Douglas Arizona Business Owner and Potential Member:


On behalf of the Greater Douglas Chamber of Commerce, I would like to welcome you to our town. Douglas AZ is an outstanding place to live, work, and grow a business. Whether you’re visiting for the day, looking for a new place to call home, or you’re already a resident of our thriving community. Douglas, AZ is a quiet little town with a great sense of home, a big heart and plenty of opportunities. Our rich history dates back to the 18th Century. The Greater Douglas Chamber of Commerce was established to advocate for and support the prosperity of Douglas and area businesses. The GDCOC is a partnership whose mission is to promote business, economic development and tourism in Cochise County

The GDCOC specifically aims to promote area business. Some ways we accomplish this are by assisting people from outside Cochise County who are looking for tourism information, general information about our area, or relocation of a family and/or business. Our office will also begin the start of working with various economic initiatives which aid in visibility, promotion of our county, and business development. We also hold community events. We are proud to be sponsors of the Miss Douglas Days 2016 Scholarship Program. In 2016 we are engaging on future projects and working closely with the City of Douglas to promote your business and tourism to our wonderful town of Douglas, AZ. The Greater Douglas Chamber of Commerce offers a number of benefits, including listings on the website, to its members.

It is an exciting time to be a member of the Greater Douglas Chamber of Commerce, as we are creating new networking and promotional opportunities to help our member businesses succeed and grow, through diligent efforts including but not limited to advertising space on the Chamber website, business referrals, monthly networking opportunities, and continuing education. We will be introducing many events that are rich in culture and diversity, to continue the promotion of growth for local businesses and our economy. The business advertising opportunity and space will allow our member businesses to gain visibility and reach a larger demographic.


If you have any questions regarding the GDCOC, Chamber of Commerce, or any of the benefits of membership, please feel free to call us at






Executive Director

Greater Douglas Chamber of Commerce/GDCOC